Information about the options

Basic Price

The basic price includes 2 designs
e.g. one on the front and one on the back, or one for the Main-Event and one for Sit & Go

You can use 2 designs of your choice. That can be front and back site or one series with design x and one series with design y (Main-Event/Sit&Go). Normally, one design for all poker chips is adequate. Most customers then choose the 'Denomination' option to additionally differentiate the poker chips by the color of the edges.

Example of basic price

Beispiel Basispreis


Additional charge for denomination
Same design, different denominations
Example denominations: 5, 25, 100, 500, 1,000
(the color of the design may be adapted to the edge color)

This is the most often used option. You have one design and want to differentiate the poker chips using values. Additionally, you can adapt the design to the edge color with this option. In the example, the background has been adapted to match the edge color.

Example of denomination

Beispiel Nennwert

Additional Designs

Additional charge for each additional design
e.g. each type of poker chip with unique design and denomination
(2 designs are already included in the basic price)

If you would like to use a completely different design for each poker chip color, this option can be chosen. The denomination in the additional design is included in the additional charge. This option covers both the additional design and the denomination. The example shows 2 additional designs – 2 designs are included in the basic price.

Example of additional designs

Beispiel Zusätzliche Designs