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Is there a Custom Poker Chips shop?

You are already here – our website.

Can I order a catalogue?

You will find all the information about the poker chips on our website.

Create your design and desired configuration – total quantity of poker chips, distribution of poker chip color according to denomination, desired options.

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What is the standard of quality?

DuraChip™ poker chips outshine ordinary poker chips. DuraChip™ poker chips are very durable and are the only composite poker chips on the market that feature direct printing of your design. The composite poker chips weigh 12.5 g, are 3-part molded and have a metal core.

The poker chips are printed with patented Integrated Print Technology™. High resolution and durable print quality that does not bleach or fade.

How are these different to other poker chips?

The poker chips are made in the USA – by the former manufacturer of the legendary Bud Jones poker chips. Your design is printed directly onto the poker chips. We use no inlays, stickers or labels. So your design cannot be peeled off or removed, making it permanent.

Ceramic Chips? No. There are many reasons why international casinos are not using ceramic chips and prefer molded gaming chips and composite chips respectively. Quality and security issues are some of those reasons.

What do I need to consider as a poker tournament organizer?

You cannot afford to compromise on security – fraud damages your reputation and standing. We offer casinos, poker rooms and poker tournament organizers special security features: Serial Numbers as well as Security Imprint (only visible under UV light).

Conventional sticker versions can very easily be forged. The blanks are available practically everywhere and the stickers can easily be copied. The sticker versions' feel is not ideal either. Stack of chips are wobbly and over time the sticker can come off or be easily removed with a fingernail.

The hot stamping process presents a similar danger. The blanks for these are also widely available and the hot stamp can be forged with pad printing or stamps. Furthermore, the hot stamp comes away from the poker chip with time.

DuraChip™ poker chips are very durable and the only direct-printed composite poker chips on the market.

Ceramic poker chips offer printing of the entire surface and the edging. These are very expensive in comparison to our DuraChip™ poker chips. The material used for ceramic poker chips is breakable and the edges can split over time. The price/performance ratio for DuraChip™ poker chips is significantly better.

How many poker chips are needed for poker?

Four different poker chip colors or denominations are sufficient for the ideal collection. The quantity of each poker chip colors should differ, i.e. there should be more poker chips with low denominations than with high denominations. The ideal allocation of poker chips is 4/3/2/1. The interval between the denominations should be calculated with a factor of 5.

Here is an example for a maximum 10 players and with a starting stack of 10,000 per player.

Chip Color Denom. 1 player 10 players Total
Green 25 20 200 200
Black 100 15 150 150
Purple 500 6 60 100
Yellow 1,000 5 50 50
Total   46 460 500

This distribution ensures that each player has a sufficient number of poker chips and that the poker tournament starts off with a good starting stack. This might help prevent the need for players to change poker chips with high denominations for those with lower denominations during the poker game.

What should be considered when creating the design?

Do you own the copyright to the image? The most important point regarding design is the property and copyright. You can only use a design if you own the property and copyright for it.

Use the file 'Template for design drafts (JPG)' if you want to connect and view your design with the poker chips. Please use the 'Chip Print Template (AI)' for the final print template. If you are not a graphics expert, just send us your design and we will create the print template.

Downloads Vorlage für Design-Entwurf (JPG)
Chip Print Template / Druckvorlage (AI)
Graphic format A vector graphic as in an Adobe Illustrator file is ideal. Image files can also be used.
Color palate CMYK
Notes on file formats All EPS, PSD, AI or PDF files need fonts included or outlined.
EPS, AI: raster images.
PDF: uncompressed file.
PSD: raster images and graphic elements on separate layers.
JPG or JPEG: images of at least 300 dpi and uncompressed file.
Edge color of the poker chips The specifications of the edge colors are indicative and represent closest match.
Pantone CMYK PC
Grey 402PC
Red 194PC
Green 341PC
Blue 2945PC
Black CMYK Black
Purple 2665PC
Yellow 1235PC
Pink 190PC
Orange 151PC
How long does the poker chip production take?

After 4 to 5 weeks (20 days for express order) you will receive your poker chips by post.

What does the basic price include?

The basic price includes:

  • DuraChip™ poker chips made in the USA
  • Selection of poker chip colors:
    Grey, red, green, blue, black, violet, yellow, pink, orange
  • Printing the poker chips using patented Integrated Print Technology™
  • 2 designs e.g. one on the front and one on the back, or one for the Main-Event and one for Sit & Go
  • Shipping costs and insurance - USA to the delivery address (up to 4,900 poker chips total)
  • Delivery time is 4 to 5 weeks

You can use 2 designs of your choice. That can be front and back site or one series with design x and one series with design y (Main-Event/Sit&Go). Normally, one design for all poker chips is adequate. Most customers then choose the 'Denomination' option to additionally differentiate the poker chips by the color of the edges.

Example of basic price

Beispiel Basispreis

What does the 'Denomination' option include?

Additional charge for denomination
Same design, different denominations
Example denominations: 5, 25, 100, 500, 1,000
(the color of the design may be adapted to the edge color)

This is the most often used option. You have one design and want to differentiate the poker chips using values. Additionally, you can adapt the design to the edge color with this option. In the example, the background has been adapted to match the edge color.

Example of denomination

Beispiel Nennwert

What does the 'Additional Designs' option include?

Additional charge for each additional design
e.g. each type of poker chip with unique design and denomination
(2 designs are already included in the basic price)

If you would like to use a completely different design for each poker chip color, this option can be chosen. The denomination in the additional design is included in the additional charge. This option covers both the additional design and the denomination. The example shows 2 additional designs – 2 designs are included in the basic price.

Example of additional designs

Beispiel Zusätzliche Designs

Why is the VAT not included in the quote?

Your poker chips are sent directly from the manufacturer in the USA to you. In the case of imports, VAT is levied by customs and the receiver is charged. Deliveries to EU countries are duty-free. For deliveries to Switzerland, the Customs Office collects duties in the amount of CHF 0.53/kg. Delivery terms: DAP, Incoterms 2010.

Generally, the post assumes the collection of VAT at the handover of the delivery to the recipient and may require an additional service fee.

How can I pay?

You can pay by bank transfer, credit card or PayPal. You can use PayPal to pay invoices easily and securely, even if you do not have a PayPal account.

Can I modify an order?

We form our quote based on your design and requirements.

After placing an order and making the payment, you can only modify the order in exceptional circumstances before the approval of the printing proof.

After the approval of the printing proof, no more changes can be made.

Can I cancel an order?

After placing an order and making the payment, you can only cancel the order in exceptional circumstances before the approval of the printing proof.

After the approval of the printing proof, you can no longer cancel the order and the payment will not be refunded.

What kinds of shipping do you offer?

Your poker chips are sent directly from the manufacturer in the USA to you. They are shipped via USPS Priority Mail International (Flat Rate Box Large). You can track the delivery online with Track & Confirm.

For larger quantities, shipping is via DHL Luftfracht Air Value.

Delivery terms: DAP, Incoterms 2010.

Can the poker chips be ordered from outside the countries listed?

We offer our service throughout Europe. The website is currently only available in English and German.

We are looking for franchise partners in European countries.
Interested? Contact us.

Where can I find your General Terms and Conditions?

You will find the link to our General Terms and Conditions on the 'Prices' page, at the bottom of each page or by clicking on this link: General Terms and Conditions.