Configuration of the poker chips

DuraChip™ poker chips outshine ordinary poker chips. DuraChip™ poker chips are very durable and are the only composite poker chips on the market that feature direct printing of your design.

Ceramic Chips? No. There are many reasons why international casinos are not using ceramic chips and prefer molded gaming chips and composite chips respectively. Quality and security issues are some of those reasons.

DuraChip™ poker chips

Origin Made in the USA – by the former manufacturer of the legendary Bud Jones poker chips
Construction Molded Gaming Chip - composite, 3-part molded, metal core
Weight 12,5 g
Size External diameter 40 mm, internal diameter 33 mm, thickness 3.5 mm
Colors 9 poker chip colors:
Grey, red, green, blue, black, purple, yellow, pink, orange
Printing The poker chips are printed with patented Integrated Print Technology™.
High resolution and durable print quality that does not bleach or fade.
Poker chip grey
Poker chip red
Poker chip green
Poker chip blue
Poker chip black
Poker chip purple
Poker chip yellow
Poker chip pink
Poker chip orange

Poker chip samples

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